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Dr. Howard

Dr. Bill Howard, a native of middle Tennessee, has lived in the area for nearly thirty years. He attended the University of Mississippi for his undergraduate degree and soon after graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in 1978.

Dr. Howard's dental career started as a young man being influenced by father and grandfather (both were dentists that practiced in Lebanon, TN). After graduation from dental school, Dr. Howard went to Chattanooga for a few years working for a small dental group while developing his skills and furthering his knowledge.

As divine providence would have it, Dr. Howard moved to this rural community much like his hometown where people knew one another by first names. He has practiced between two locations (Turtletown and Tellico Plains) for the duration and enjoyed every minute.

Dr. Howard and his wife (Gail) have raised three children and have one grandchild at the present time. Gail was a local girl and has had the harder job taking care of him and the family.

For thirty-two years, Dr. Howard has believed in treating his patients as they would want to be treated. He has consistently obtained 80-100 hours of continuing education per year and maintained memberships in several prestigious dental organizations.

While keeping a considerate and helpful staff, his offices have strived to keep the performance level high and on a timely basis. Dr. Howard has also maintained a close relationship with many patient families over the years.

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